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Buying a car that has been previously owned offers you the opportunity to buy a real bargain. However there are some steps you should take to ensure that you are getting a bargain and not being sold an illegal or potentially dangerous car or simply a heap of rubbish!

1 Maxisys MS906BT. First and foremost buy from a reputable car dealer who specialises in selling quality cars. It may seem a cheaper option to buy from a private seller, but there are some distinct disadvantages of doing this. You will have little or no legal safeguards if you are sold a car which has been stolen or still has outstanding credit. If this is the case the car can be confiscated and returned to its rightful owner-leaving you without a car and well and truly out of pocket. When buying from a reputable dealership a full history check of the car will have been carried out, giving you the peace of mind that once purchased the car will legally belong to you.

2. During the car's history check the reputable car dealership will have flagged up if the car has been involved in an accident. They will then carry out a visual inspection to check for signs of welding between the front and back doors. If this is present it may indicate that the car is a ‘cut and shut'. This is the term given to cars which have been made from the front half of one car and the back end of another and joined together. Not only is this illegal, ‘cut and shut' cars are potentially death traps.

3. Always make a visual inspection of the car. Walk round and look for signs of damage, differences in paint work colour, scratches and dents. Check the interior looking for signs of negligence by the previous owner. If you are looking at older models there is bound to be signs of normal wear and tear-if you are looking for absolute perfection maybe you should be considering buying a new car. Be realistic when carrying out your visual inspection.

4. Check the paperwork. Make sure the registration document details match the car you are looking at. Again, if you buy from a reputable company this won't be an issue-but it's worth checking for your own peace of mind. If the car is under three years old make enquiries as to any manufacture's warranties. These can be transferred to the second owner in the majority of cases. Many dealerships offer their own guarantees or warranty on cars they sell-another huge advantage of buying from them rather than privately.

5. Take the car or cars for a test drive. Make sure you use all of the gears Autel Maxiscope MP408, including reverse, during the test. Listen for odd noises, rattling or clanking-these may indicate that repairs may soon be required. The overall handling and comfort of the car is important. Check that there is no pull on the steering and that it drives in a straight-line without any veering to the left or right. During the test drive at different speeds-keeping with the legal limits. Check the car accelerates as it should and of course that the brakes are in good working order when

Whichever make, model or price range of used cars you are looking for buying from a reputable dealership offers much more peace of mind than buying from a private seller.

Used cars from Charles Hurst Group.
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