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I've had a nagging problem with my tramsmission for a few months now and finally decided to go through the seperation anxiety of leaving the car with the dealer to straighten it out. The problem was that there was no torque when the car was in reverse. As long as I was on level ground I did not notice the problem since I do not do to many Starsky & Hutch take offs in reverse. However, If I was parked with the nose of the car pointing down and had to give gas to back up, then the motor reved but the car did not move. I tried all the normal stuff first, i.e. had the fluid level checked, transmission flush, etc... When the dealer finally got me in, it took them a week to tell me that my transmission fluid was contaminated (synthetic but evidently not Audi brand) and that they needed to replace the transmission, cooler, lines, and so on... "That's Ok with me" I said. "I have an extended warranty." The dealer then started to give me a song and dance about how the warranty would not cover this since the fluid was not Audi brand and that I should sell one of my children to come up with the $7,500.00 + for the repair.
What a load. I did some digging for an independant service shop and found one that does a lot of Merc, VW, Audi, and Porsche work. These guys had it figured out in a day. The clutch was bad and needed to be replaced. This did not happen due to non Audi brand transmission fluid. Anyway, They have orderd parts and will rebuild the unit on site and take care of all the warranty issues. Should be done in a few days. I can't wait
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