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2018 Audi A8 strange interior sounds

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Hi guys,
please would anyone be able to identify the problem related with the interior sound in the attached videos?
I tried it with A/C turned on and off, seems it does not effect the sound and it comes in cca 1-2 minutes intervals once vehicle is on.
The car is 2018 A8L with 3L petrol engine.

video 1 is here
video 2 is here

I will be grateful for any thoughts.

Many thanks
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Sounds like some mechanism vibrating. Have you tried taking it to the dealer to see if they can determine?
In the AC Climate Control system are small electric motors - the flap is probably operated by a motor or pnuematics. Sounds like a worm drive or gear not quite engaging. Some flaps are motor driven and linked by arms. Dirt in the motor/arm/joints can result in slow movement/resistance/vibration. The noise could also be generated by air passing a thin flap - bit of plastic liner sticking out into the air stream.

Try different main fan speeds. Watch the different flaps. Use a video cam or microphone up close to the flap/source of the noise.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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