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Even though we had the 2017 Audi A4 for only three months, it started to feel like part of our family, a comfortable fit for our life, but still somehow special in a way we appreciated everyday – despite any little quirks and flaws.

Perhaps because it has been so hectic over the past few months that it quickly grew so familiar, putting on over 6,000 miles of commuting, comparing, shuttling the kids around and even a short road trip up to ski country.

Through all that, there have been barely any complaints, but I’ll get them out of the way right up front.

The only real mechanical flaw in the A4 is its low-speed maneuvering behavior – when just leaving a light, or switching from reverse to drive, the throttle and transmission are very slow to get power down to the wheels, making fine adjustments parallel parking or a three-point turn a bit tedious and frustrating at times.
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