NO DEALERS PLEASE UNLESS YOU PAY ASKING PRICE TEXT FIRST PLEASE. 830-730-8030 I'm selling my 2015 Audi A5. The price is below what Autotrader gave for retail and above Autotrader's Private Party value, but keep reading and you'll see why. If you look anywhere online, this vehicle is selling for $27,000+, all things being equal. In 2015, the MSRP was $41k! Yes it is a head turner. I found this gem of a car in Nov 2019 on Carmax in Georgia. It was part of a fleet meaning it was very well taken care of. I had it shipped to Texas. It had only 15,672 miles on it in 4 years of use when I got it! Talk about babied! Since I got it, I have been keeping the maintenance schedules (the last one being 65k mile check as suggested by Audi due to age), using synthetic oil and high-grade gas. I placed approximately 21,579 miles on it for the 2 years I had it which equates to 10789 miles per year which is almost the average highway mileage for a car per year. I just had the cam cradle (this included resealing cam cradle, replacing gaskets, o rings, seals on the vacuum pump, upper timing, high-pressure pump, and actuators - I have receipts.) changed on it which was a $2000+ job at the Audi Dealership but I had also bought the MaxCare option which covered it all and it automatically follows the car to whoever buys this for up to 75k miles! So you are also buying no repair costs! At the same time, I had the brake fluid exchanged as suggested. I really like this car but due to life, I have to let it go. I am selling for $24,790 on Carguru which says is a FAIR DEAL, that includes a deduction of $667 for the dealer price of the left-side underbody panel - which is made of a felt cloth that seems to be torn - very minor. Btw, this car is like a rocket! I have this car up on 2 other online sites as well, so - text me! It will disappear fast.