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So I bought an 2013 S4, brought it to Audi before to purchase to do a pre-owned check. Everything checked out..

Once I started driving the car, I noticed it was making a "clicking" or "clinking" noise (best way I can describe it),on the drivers side near front when driving on rougher roads at lower speeds. I noticed today when I give the breaks a nice tap at slow speeds to, I get the same kind of noise it makes when I hit bumps, it's just one clink for each break tap though, not a continuing noise for a few seconds if I did hit a bump at slow speeds.

I uploaded a couple vids to youtube so someone might be able to get a better idea of what's happening

(You can here it at the 2 second mark pretty clear)

(I'm going over a train track in this vid, and I was tapping on the breaks, so it kind of just sounds like **** overall and might be a little harder to identify here)

Help appreciated :)
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