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After crafting a larger, lower-dollar, more basic and less impressive Jetta for the U.S. market, Volkswagen has just revealed a car that clearly states the company’s simultaneous mission to maintain a focus on performance. Yup, Vee-Dub fan boys, your car has arrived.

The 2012 Jetta GLI comes with the sort of equipment you’d expect from VW, including a proper independent rear suspension and a 200-hp 2.0T 4-cylinder. Torque is an impressive 207 lb-ft at 1700 rpm. Plus, to help improve handling and make the GLI more driveable, it gains the XDS electronic limited slip differential that debuted on the 2010 GTI.

Paired with either a 6-speed manual or DSG dual-clutch automatic, the GLI will also get an impressive 31-mpg highway (manual) or 32-mpg (automatic).

Considering all the content upgrades, it’s no surprise that the GLI does not follow VW’s new bargain pricing strategy. Instead, this car is stickered more traditionally, starting at $23,495 and jumping to $25,545 for the Autobahn model with 18-inch wheels, a sunroof, faux leather seats, dual-zone climate control and a high-end audio system. An Autobahn Navigation model adds Nav, plus keyless access and a push-button ignition and starts at $26,445.
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