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Hi All
I bout an A4 2.5 months ago. Since then I have heard a grinding noise from the car. I hear it best when going slow forward and backward. When I go faster, I cant hear the noise anymore.
I took her to the audi dealer and they told me the could not duplicate the noise.
I read some threads that it could be ball joint, CV joint, ball bearings, berak dust shield, wheel speed sensor or teh ABS sensor ring. Now my Audi is brand new and only had 20 miles on it. Is there a way to eliminate any of these.
Apparently I have to tell the mechanics at the dealership what to look for.

My window freaks out. It does not want to go all teh way. It goes halfway and then down again. I researched it and found out it could be the regulator. I went back 3 times and told them that was what was wrong. They said no, it is probably that you are not doing it right. Well, the fourth time there they found out it was the regulator.

Please help me eliminate some of the issues above.
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