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Hello everyone,

Hope all of you are well.

On my 1.8TFSI (8T3) 160HP A5, I noticed that I have a battery issue as I had 03041 Energy Management Active error code on VCDS at 11.7Volts.

When I checked the voltage with a multimeter:

-Battery voltage is sometimes 12,2V sometimes 12.7V after a drive.
-When I turn on the headlights for 10 sec. 12.2V drops to 12V and comes back to 12.2V but if it s 12.7V it wont come back to 12.7V.
-When the car is on idle I connect - lead to - ground and + to anywhere such as engine or alternator block body and I read -0.00V which is good.
-But when I connect + of multimeter to + terminal just under the windscreen and - of multimeter to the +cable of alternator (bracket)then I see sometimes -1.50V sometimes -1.01V which I believe is a very big loss of power.
-When I connect + of multimeter to + cable of alternator (bracket) and - of multimeter to anywhere on the alternator body I see 14.7V. And at this stage if I check the voltage from either terminals in front or from the battery itself at the boot, I read 13.2V. So 1.5V of power loss is confirmed.

Question 1: From what I have written is the problem at the battery or at the + cable between the alternator bracket and the + terminal as there is 1 - 1.5 Volts of loss ?

Question 2: Current battery is a Bosch S3 72Ah Maintenance free battery (you can see the picture below) which was bought by the previous owner so I have no idea about the factory battery amperage and specifications whether AGM or not. So what is the factory battery amperage for the 2010 A5 1.8 TFSI 160HP/118KW manual ? AGM or not?

Question 3: As my battery is not the factory original battery there is no BEM sticker on it. So I checked my BEM via VCDS and found out something like the screenshot below. IS that code BEM code? If so is that the factory original code which was probably skipped to be updated by the previous owner while changing the battery to Bosch S3?

Thank you very much in advance.


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