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Well, The Parts Connection is no more, so I decided to go to a Worldpac storefront to buy my Bilstein Heavy Duty shocks for the rear of my 1990 MC2 200tq.

I was sent two different shocks that vary slightly. One resembles the picture shown for the 86-87 (go to Auto Parts Warehouse ) 5000q

while the other has the same number on the box, same number on the shock's sticker, but with a suffix of "S2". The cap where the damper rod meets the body is different and domed with a rubber wiper seal. The stamped numbers on the bodies are different, although the last series of numbers for the applications are the same. I would actually use these shocks if it was not for the fact that I noted they compress with very different amounts of force.

I'm thinking one could be a Sport model, perhaps from the 3B 20V 200, since those are the only ones with sport shocks listed anymore, but the suffixes are different, so perhaps one is an older one? Which is the correct one? I've tried to get help with Worldpac, and their useless, outsourced livechat, but came up empty, along with the feeling that I'm simply going to have to reverse the charges altogether, then order the right parts from a different worldpac site.

I wish there was a real picture for the application I have listed so I can ID the shock that doesn't look like the above picture.
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