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car was in good shape , but had some light scratches and light swirls from improper washing.
readings was tekean around the car, healthy paint thickness.
i did some test spots ,and the winner was solo diamond polish pad and meg 205 with g110. as u can see in some of the before/after i manage to get more clarity in the paint reflection, and it improve the paint correction too.
process :
-wash with ONR method and clay with meg claybar and onr as lube
-wheels got wash with onr and p21s gel wheel cleaner , tires got endurance gel , and the wheels was sealed with klasse aio
-all trims and lights was taped
-paint got the above polish process
-seal was klasse with polycharger and top with optimum car wax
-door jams got klasse aio
-exhaust pipes was polish with meg metal paste
-inside was use z1 ****pit premium on dashboard,wood trim,screans,steering
-leather was treated with meg cleaner/conditioner
-windows was clean in and out
-lights front/rear was treated with rejeX
-vac inside

all taped , ready for magic!

lack of clarity in the paint , before

after buff , no wax or seal!

wheel before:

wheel after:

2scratches , got them very hard to see ,


all this are AFTER:

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