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2007 RS4 w/Premium Package, purchased as a certified pre-owned in March of 2010 with about 9,500 miles on it, bone stock.

Vehicle is in Excellent condition with 32,000 miles on her. I would rather sell her to a fellow Audi Enthusiast then trade her in to the dealer with their sizeable markups!!

I have all the OEM parts, which will come with the vehicle including an additional RS4 rim and tire. All services and oil changes with MOTUL Oil every 3k!!

Clear bra on the front, covering 1/4 of the hood and entire bumper area By: Freddie Louis Accessories.

Since then, the following has been added:

APR-Audi Performance Racing STAGE lll-Force Inducted Harrop, TVS 1320 Blower- Installed By APR, July 2012 with VALID warranty till 2013.

JHM Stage 4 Light Flywheel Ceramic Clutch System Installed by APR, Aug 2012

Installed by Audi Huntsville:
JHM Short Throw Kit
Magnaflow High Flow Cats
GMG WC Sport Racing Exhaust
H&R Sport Springs 1.0 inch drop
Hotchkis Sport Suspension
034 Motorsport Track Density Transmission Mount
Black Forest Industries 5mm Spacers
New Continental DW's as of 3 months ago, not even 3k miles on them

Baseline Dyno Info: Highest AWHP logging on a APR S/C RS4 as stated by APR!!
Service Query questions on my RS4 on services completed through
APR: Mr Doug McClintock x401

APR-Dynapack: x4 taking in accord ( or -) 22% as stated by APR for Crank HP and final AWHP.
Barometric Temp (up) 70.6 in chamber// Rainy day with humidity 55-60s (Fahrenheit) low 40s evening
Fuel: Shell 93 V-Power
Tune: APR Stage 3 Supercharger Kit W/93 Octane (R M)/2 Catless
Exhaust: Magnaflow HFC (De-catted) 2.5 with GMG WRC Sport Exhaust
Current Mileage: 32K with carbon cleaning completed during installation
Power to the wheels: 450 AWHP-368.9 ft.lbs Wheel Torque, Crank: 549Hp
Overall Horsepower Gain from Stock 420hp(crank): 122.4 HP

Currently listed:

Reasonable Best Offers accepted!!..Lets Do this

Asking $52,500, no trades. Willing to talk a bit on price. Shoot me an email if we need to talk more.....
UPDATE: I will be picking up my new ride within the next couple days, so I need to make room....I'm open to reasonable offers

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