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I found a how to on another site that was labeled how to change battery on a 2006 Audi A4 and when I printed it out, it was like 9 pages long and just seemed a little I took a look at my car as the battery died and came up with my own write up as the info I found on the other How To was not correct for many things.

Tools that you will need are a long 6mm ball end hex allen wrench, pair of plyers, and a 10mm socket wrench (not pictured)

1) Remove the cover to get to your is pictured here with a RED BOX around it. Actually its the entire piece, I just messed up circling it with the red outline.

2) If you want can take off the pollen filter cover and replace that while you are doing this. Just push the 2 clips to release the cover

3) Use the 10mm socket wrench to disconnect your terminals and move them out of the way

4) Next, locate the allen screw that is buried down in the front middle of the batter. Put the 6mm ball end hex allen wrench in there and use the plyers to grip the allen wrench & loosen the screw (unless you have crazy power in your fingers, then you don't need the plyers)

5) Just pull the vent line out of the me it will just pop right out (on the stock battery the oval mount is actual stuck in the battery on the side)

6) Pull the dead battery out and put the new one in. I went with a AC DELCO that I got for free from the Ford Dealer that I bought the car from as I purchased the car 2 weeks ago and the battery died. Then just do all the steps in reverse to secure the battery in place and connect everything back up. As you can see in this picture, the vent line still has the oval piece that is hidden by the stock just sticks right in.

Now...when you do this you have to reset some electronics

1) Reset the engine management system --- by putting your key in and turn the engine to on (don't start the car) and leave it for 5 seconds. Take the key out and then turn the engine over and then turn the car off.

2) Reprogram your Key Fobs --- for this car "2006 Audi Quattro 2.0T" --- all you have to do is after you reset the engine management system, take your key fob and start your car...let it idle for 5 seconds and then turn the car off. Get out and try your FOB, it should work to lock, unlock, open trunk. Then just repeat this for all FOB's you have.

I was surprised that it was this easy, as I followed the steps that other HOW TO's say to do, by using the valet key and then programming the FOBS, but it didn't work for me...the above did

3) Unlock your windows for auto-up & down. Roll down each window any amount then roll it back up...then hold up for 3 seconds. This will reset the lock and you will have the auto up & down function again.

4) Radio Lock --- my car didn't need anything done. The radio worked fine and all stations where still there.
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