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Hello everyone, just purchased a new 2006 A4 2.0T FWD but I live out here in Germany. No problem you would think except that I don't speak German, so I need some help. I just got out of the Honda scene due to some unfortunate events with my car, so I'm gonna try this out. I was wondering if:

1. Anyone that has some good websites for aftermarket parts or other really informative forums could list them on here or email me a big folder full of them from like your favorites. I'll scan the folder, so don't worry bout the virus thing (hopefully);

2. Is anyone familiar with any tuning shops here in Germany? I want to get my chip reflashed right away to get that extra power out the engine;

3. Any tips or known issues with past Audi's? Parts that go on them frequently, or whatever, so I can have an idea of what to possibly look for even though this car brand new.

I just ordered my rims, so I'll post some pics up when they get here and I'm gonna tint the windows. Thanks in advance for everyones help. :liebe011:
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