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Originally posted by printemps2001@Oct 21 2004, 04:30 PM
I just picked up my 2005 S4 (4th Audi, first S4). What advice can anyone give me on tires? I assume the stock tires are useless in snow. Is an all season high performance adequate or do I need snow tires? I'm in the northeast. Any feedback would be appreciated.
i have a similar delima ... i live in southern california where it doesnt rain very ofter, but i drive my allroad to my ski house in mammoth almost every weekend.

my tire setup:

-Pirelli Winter SnowSport 240 tires on the stock rims.
~this is an awesome winter tire... no dramatic loss of performance, no increase road noise, etc.

-Pirelli P-Zero high proformance tires on 18" OZs

for the first few weeks i had the car i was rolling around on the stock allweather tires... they're decnet, but louder than the pirelli snowsports. i had just the snowsports for 2 weeks and (i drive hard...) i found them to be alittle picky on dry hard surface - enough that i wouldnt want to use them as allweather tire (which theyre not.. so its good). as far as the p-zero's.. awesome.. 'nuff said

by the way... yes.. during the winter, i put the snowsports on ever weekend, and have the p-zero's on during the week.. you shouldnt have that problem if this is the rout you want to take - i'd put the snowsport tires on in maybe... november and leave them on till the snow is gone.

as for the p-zero's in the rain... they're alright. i drive with them in the rain all the time and they get the job done alright. the awd helps alot. i have the same tires on my 00 Jetta project car. FWD+P-Zeros+Rain+Trac. off = interesting experence.. lol
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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