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Hi folks

Just joined this forum and I wondered if anyone could help me ...

I'm about to leave my current job and hand back my company car, 2004 A3 2.0 TDI Sport. I've loved every minute of this car, and so .... I'm just about to buy another one ....

However I'm going to go for the SE, nearly new / ex demo, and I think I've found the car.

I have a few Q's ....

1. If I can get hold of a set of 17" 5 arm alloys from another new A3 sport, can I just swap them over?

2. I've gone for the SE for the toys inside, but I'm not keen on that wooden trim. Are there any customisation people who could swap me out the wood for black or even silver trim? Can I buy it on the internet and so it myself, or is there anywhere to take the car to?

3. The car I'm likely to get doesn't have anything more that the standard Audi Concert single CD. Can a 6 disc be fitted in the glovebox by a dealer, or would anyone recommend going for something different altogether?

4. Just generally, what kind of (tatseful) mods have people done to their new shape A3's?

Cheers folks - hoping to spend a lot of time on this board !!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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