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I was told by the Audi dealer that I need to replace the rear brake pads on my Audi A6 2003 (100k miles) since there was very little wear left. I thought the that car would light up a warning on the dash if these needed to be replaced. Is the dealer trying to get me to do something that is not needed at this time. He gave me a whopper of an estimate too.

Secondly, which brand of brake pads are used by the Audi dealerships? Are these good or should I put on ceramic brake pads? If ceramic, then which brand?

I am your average daily driver. No track days. Although performance improvement will be appreciated if I am not spending too much money.

Are Ceramics tough on the OEM rotors and contribute to excessive rotor wear?

Will the rotors need turning? Is this a "must do" even if rotors show wear?

Will appreciate any advice that you may provide.

Thanks and regards,

AJ Khan
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