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2002 Tt Excessive Oil Consumption

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I have been experiencing steadily increasing oil consumption in my Audi 2002 TT. Now at 1 quart/1,000 miles. Dealer claims that anything over 800 miles/quart is considered "normal". Mileage is 44K -- still under warranty, but Audi customer service ignores my requests for remedy. Anyone seeing the same problem and lack of response from Audi?
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TT 225 and others from VAG Group use fully synthetic oil .... it is designed to be used, and yes Oil consumption sounds average. My TT uses 1 Litre per 1500-2000Miles at present and I am told this will improve when car has at least 50K miles under its skirts.

I saw a similar problem discussed on a BMW forum. wher owner of a 330CSI was getting 500 miles per litre, ... he cured the problem by giving the engine maximum wellie for next 1000 miles, and consumption now approx 1 Litre to 3000 miles. I do not suggest you drive hard, but a few visits to max revs might help ... but please make sure engine has full compliment of oil before doing this. ... good luck .. no wonder the oil companies are making so much money.
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