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I own a 2002 A4 3.0 litre V6 Quattro manual shift. The vehicle has 44000 miles on it. Since the last one year I notice a moaning/loud humming and more like a grinding noise when the engine touches an rpm range between 1400 to 1800 rpm. The noise disappears and gets muffled at higher rpms. This happens only when the AC is turned on. After repeated visits to the dealer, the technician thought it could be an AC problem and replaced the Compressor, expansion valve and the condensor thinking that would fix the problem. However I still get the same noise whenever the engine touches 1400 rpm to 1800 rpm even the vehicle is standstill and is in neutral. The dealer has been unable to identify the problem and states that this is normal.

Offlate the steering makes a loud noise when it is turned in either direction seeming to be more like a power steering pump problem which once again the dealer is unable to diagnose.

Would like to know if someone has had similar problems and if yes how they were corrected?

Would really appreciate your feedback. These day to day issues really can make one frustrated and rethink if I need to keep the car or sell it before the factory warranty expires.
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