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I saw this car at the SF Auto Show on Friday of Thanksgiving weekend, just after Audi introduced it to the US. On Saturday, my son and I went down to the Audi showroom and bought it. I am the original owner and have had the car for 10 years now. It has been the perfect car for NoCal. With the heated seats and rear windscreen, unless it's raining, there's no day here, when you can't drop the top. The car has a Euro-style manual top and is easy enough to open sitting while waiting for a traffic light.

The model is 1.8 L, dual turbo 225 HP, 6 fwd speed manual. Metallic green with green leather interior and matching top. Current mileage ~61,250.

The car has always been garaged. No accidents, non-smoker.

Asking $11,300. The air bag sensor needs to be replaced and the cost of the replacement is built into the price.

I have included the link with full details to my auto trader ad.
2001 Audi TT for sale in OAKLAND, CA
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