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2001 Avant s4 - stock- Monterey, CA - $2,750 obo

* This car needs some love. It drives strong and well, but has many issues.
* ~194,300 Miles with clean title.
* I’m the third owner and bought this car used with 76,000 miles in ~ 2007
* Daily driver for 11 years and I’ll miss her dearly
* I've done most of the repairs myself.
* She could still be my daily driver but we have two new kids and needed a minivan and have to get rid of one of our cars. Just don't have the time or patience anymore.
* Location: Seaside/Monterey, California
* I’m honest and love/d this car. If you have any questions, please PM me and I’ll answer your questions straight.

What's wrong with the car:
1. No heat (inlet in firewall broken)
2. Torque converter on its way out (locked and has had this CEL code for past 6 years)
3. Check engine light (pass smog by resetting code for last 6 years)
4. Sunroof doesn’t open well (skips)
5. Slight oil leak
6. Inside roof liner fabric is coming off
7. Steering wheel transmission gear shifters don’t work
8. Both keys don’t retract anymore- they are JB Welded to the FOB (they broke off) but work fine.
9. Fob is finicky but might work with re-pairing. I gave up.
10. Rear view mirror doesn’t auto dim anymore
11. Dash LCD display doesn’t work (tells your doors open, MPG, temp etc)- almost completely out
12. CD Player works most of the time but gets a ERR code when playing CD’s occasionally.
13. Airbag dash light on.
14. There are O2 sensor CEL codes. Had them replaced 3 years ago but didn’t fix the problem.
15. I think it needs (1) Ignition Control Module as there is a slight hesitation at times and in my experience will get worse as time progresses. I replaced (1) in 2017. Got mine from Amazon for $24 (

What's right with the car:
1. New engine mounts (2017)
2. New snub nose (2017)
3. New front control arms. (2017)
4. New front and rear shocks (2017)
5. New front wheel bearings (2017)
6. New Fuel Pump (2017)
7. Tranny works fine (gears shift fine- no slipping- including on WOT) and doesn’t leak fluid.
8. Oil changed with mobile synthetic one it’s whole life since I’ve owned it every 3.5-5k miles.
9. Engine is strong. Turbos seem to work fine.
10. Has spare tire.
11. Stereo works.
12. All windows and locks work
13. Side view mirrors tilt and dim
14. Tires have 60% life left
15. Bluetooth audio and phone addition (hook up your cell)
16. Heated seats work (but driver’s side elements are close and thus gets too hot on Driver’s side)
17. AC Works well.
18. Alignment done last year.

$2,750 or Best Offer. Please send me a PM and I’ll notify the person with the best offer before/on October 1, 2018.
Thank you, Christian Mendelsohn

More Pictures Here:


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