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2001 Audi A6 Avant w/ Bose stereo
40gb iPod, 3G
Dension ice> Link : Plus
audi-ready mounting bracket

I had a pro install the Dension kit in my car. Cost $100 and 1 hour of time.

With the kit I got, you can either use the Dension interface or the native iPod. I like the iPod interface, as Im used to it. Using the Dension means setting up a ton of playlists...and with 40gb of music, that takes a lot of time. I simply put the whole iPod on random.

-Sound quality is fantastic
-Installation is smooth and good looking
-I went with the bracket that bolts in, rather than the one Dension can supply. And its $5 less :)
-I can use the next and previous buttons on the steering wheel, plus volume.
iPod powers up/down with the vehicle, which is slick. And once you set the Dension kit to use the native iPod interface, it stays in that mode.

Pictures here:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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