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2001 A6 2.7t

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This is my third Audi. I picked this one up when some dumb young girl decided to pull out and end my 89 200tq's life. My first was an 87 gt coupe. The A6 is nice but the 200 was larger. The handling of the A6 is much better since I have the sport package with sport suspension. My next upgrade will be the ecu. Does anyone know if the apr or mtm ecu upgrade is better
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the MTM chip is more well liked by people who have tried both. its an all around smoother package. i had the APR chip in my 2.7t A6 and i had no problems with it though. look into GIAC's chip for the 2.7t aswell, i've got it in the allroad and its awesome :thumbsup:
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