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Newbie here, I've posted on the allroad forum to no avail:

Is there an ultimate danger in driving with leaky valve cover gaskets on a 2.7T? I'm looking at a 2001 that had the timing belt changed at around 94k (116k on it now), and the pleasant smell and sight of burning oil is evident when you raise the hood, although I didn't detect it in the cabin while driving.

Doesn't bother me a bit as is, but is there any potential detriment to the engine or systems by driving it as is? Sounds kinda like a dumb question, I mean, it SHOULDN'T be a problem, but I'm new to Audi's....

And if ANYONE wants to chime in about front wheel camber adjustment on an allroad, please do. Car I'm looking at has front tires worn on the inside edges, and wheels are visibly not 90-deg to the road surface.
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