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I need an expert estimate ($$$) regarding passing the NY inspection (I wasn’t bothering if it wasn’t the inspection, the car runs perfectly), the following Codes appear on OBD that the shop pulled:
And the check engine light is on.
Audi 2000 2.7T, 67,000 Miles.

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I looked uo the codes for you and heres what i found them to be.

PO421(i think should be po411)indicates -Secondary air injection system(B2 -Incorrect flow.

P1411 = Secondary air injection system restricted flow(b2)

P1423 = " " " " " " " " " " " "flow to low(B1)

I would say by these codes you maybe got a air leak from one of your pipes or a pipe needs replacing or could be the MAF (Mass air flow sensor is faulty).

The check engine light is just showing to advise that the systems not running correct.

Im not familiar with your NY vehicle inspections as in the UK we have a MOT (Ministry of Transport test) which i would say would not fail unless the air leak/flow problem affected the running mixture of the engine and thus bad emmisions from the exhaust.
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