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Just joined today and already need a bit of advice.
The old girl is a 95 A4 2.6 saloon. It is about run in with 170,000 miles on the clock and used to be a sweet engine using no oil. However it developed a tappet that would rattle occaisionally and then cure itself. so being the kind sole i am i lent it to a friend whilst his alfa was laid to rest and he bought a new car.
He would complain about the tappets and i told him to give it a good thrash up the road and it should get the oil round and cure it.
He has now brought it to me back sounding like a bag of spanners with what sounds like all the tappets being starved of oil and running on four cylinders.This i think has something to do with the three coil blocks on the front top of the motor two of which are arcing slightly.
My main query is about the tappets-is there a simple method of clearing any oil ways without taking it to bits--bear in mind i have not lifted the cam lids yet to have a look--and is it a common fault.

If any one in the uk wants a battered 80 estate let me know as my brother has killed it.
Look foward to some help.thanks in advance.
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