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2.5tdi Power Problem-please Help!

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Please help!!
Recently we've had an intermittent fault......It's a 2.5TDI Tip, when accelerating the engine will produce less and less power, eventually stopping any acceleration above 3000rpm. If you put your foot down any harder it actually slows down!
You end up not being able to go any faster than 30mph!!
The garage has changed the airflow sensor, (twice to make sure!!), checked numerous other things, solenoid actuator for turbo waste gate but we've still got the problem!
Any ideas!?
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pls.try to verify if that is the part number you're looking for,it goes as head block vetilation filter check parts-046198475A or 059198067.
you can try at but you have to register first.
I myself had a shop change it for ,all I recall is that they had to wait for the turbocharger too cool first to gain access to it.
Good luck.
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