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A3 2015 8V 2.0TDI Sport
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Hi All my first post on here i'm hoping some on is able to assist me

Last week I had the coil light flashing at me with code P0087 Fuel rail pressure too low, at 1.5/2k rpm in 4th, after clearing it would come on again similar revs and gear cruising country lanes If accelerating hard coil light would not come on.

I changed the fuel filter, fuel was clear in the housing.

Now the coil light will come on anytime randomly when driving steady or harsh.

What has me puzzled is that if when trying to drive hard the fuel can successfully be supplied can this be a pump issue?

The only common scenario is it seems to come on when on rough road i've noticed, never on the 15 mile daily stretch of dual carriage way

If someone could assist would be greatly appreciated
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