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Im new to the forum, and to audi's.
Im currently working on a 89 coupe 2.0e 8 v

So far ive done the following -

Fitted new gear box
Cv joints both inner and outer
Repaired sagging drivers seat,
new rad
Filled and painted the arches, (where at some point it has been lifeted onto a low loader and dented in and chipped paint off)

im having trouble wiring the engine back in correctly and cannot find pics of what wires go where as i didnt label them up when i disconected everything. I have searched the site but didnt find any help. Has anyone else had this problem and any ideas?

Also have a question maybe someone can help with, its a 2.0e so im guessing its the most basic spec however it has black leather seats in it , dont think they will be standard? Also has oetinger badges on , does this mean anything to anybody? The injection system looks different to other 2.0 8v's ive looked at, it looks more like the set up on the 5 cylinder engines. It also has the 3 clocks in the center console, doesnt look like a e model inside i dont think.

Any ideas or comment welcome.
Il post pics tomoro.
Thanks all
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