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1st Audi- No Manual! Have A Few ?s

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hey all newbie here.

i just snaged my 1st audi (1991 80) at a repo auction and i have yet to order a owners manual, so i have a couple of ?s about the car.

1st, how do the headlamp washers work? i cant find a switch for them and they dont work when the windshield washer is activated (lights on or off). i dont know if theyre broke or if i just havent figured out how to activate them. :eek:

2nd, what is the button next to (right side) the fog lamp button do? it lights up when pressed but seems to do nothing. same as above, dont know if its broke or if im just to audi ignorant to figure it out. :blink:

last one, i promise.... its been very cold since i picked it up and its the coldest running car ive ever had. the temp guage stays in the cold range, it move up a little if i stop and let it idle for a while but as soon as its underway the needle drops back into the cold. the heat works fine but the guage alwys registers cold. is this a common occurance? ive been told that audis run cool, but this seems too cool.

thanks for any help.
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Normal audi temp if driving in the sity is 88-92 C* if it`s beloy then the cooling sistem is broken or the antifreese is concentrat. The fog lights buton is working only when the general lights are on and only on the back of the car.
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