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*update* Still waiting for help. Can anyone help?

I have a 1999 A4 1.9tdi. I have the concert radio cassette fitted and i would like to add a cd multichanger.

I have the connection lead already factory fitted in the car, but because of the length of the lead and my poor eyesight, i cannot see how many pins are in the plug.

I have noticed references made to 8 and 13 pin sockets, and i've established from the Ti Kan website that the changer i need is model no. 4B0 035 111.

I have seen a few of these models for sale, and some have an 'a' after the model number (4B0 035 111 A) and some do not (4B0 035 111)

My questions are a) what are the differences, and B) will i have to get someone to count the pins in my plug, or will it be definately one or the other (8 or 13) and if so can you tell me which?

I realise you guys are probably bored senseless with this age old topic, but any help or advice would be appreciated.

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