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Hi Kellyboots,

Track rod ends should be simple to remove. I recently did the job on a 1997 model. I assume it's the end connected to the steering rack thats causing you the problem. There is a locknut against the female threaded end of the rack. This has flats on so you can get a spanner on it. Do not attempt to remove the track rod end from the suspension arm first. Also, be aware, unlike many other cars, the thread you see is part of the track rod end - not the rack!

Originally posted by Kellyboots@Dec 2 2004, 02:14 PM
Hi guys!

Both my brother and I have had Audi 100s and 80s for many years.

My brother now has a 1998 Audi A6, which he finds is totally different to anything he was used to before. He has been unable to locate a workshop manual for this particular model.

He is trying to replace the track rod ends, but cannot take the old ones off.

Does anyone know how they come off? We have tried heat, left and right threads, soaking in penetrating oil - won't budge. Is there some new technique?

Great forum, by the way!


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