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1998 A4 1.8t Q

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I recently changed the front Pads and disc's on my A4. The next day i noticed a "humming" noise from the rear of the car, and it changes as the speed increases or decreases...Possible wheel bearing noise? I was planning to change the rear disc's and pads as well...Seems odd it started immediately after i changed out the fronts...Any help appreciated... :thumbsup:
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Just had my rear wheel bearing replaced and it cost me CDA$200 all in. My mechanic says that prices on many parts for A4s are actually dropping somewhat (greater aftermarket supply).
The noise is likely your bearing but a quick test will tell. Drive at a moderate speed, go into neutral if you have a stick, and slowly swerve the car back and forth. The noise will reduce or dissappear as you turn to one side and reappear as you turn back to the other (left or right depends on which side the bad bearing is). As you turn to one side it will take the load off the wheel bearing and the noise will diminish or disappear. As you swerve the car back to the other direction, the noise will reappear as the load is put back onto the bearing. If this checks out, it's a bearing for sure. If the noise doesn't change at all when swerving the car it could still be a bearing but more likely something deeper inside the drivetrain (CV joint?).
Anyway, it's a quick test and pretty reliable.
The bearing over time will just get louder. It's not like it's gonna cease up and fall off or anything but you should get it done sooner rather later.
Good luck. :thumbsup:
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