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hi all.

I am new to this forum. I am thinking about buying a 1998-2000 A4 1.6 ltr Turbo Manual.

I have been looking around used car sites (locally in Sydney) and they are well priced. What I would like to know is how do they perform and handle?

I have driven a VW Golf and a polo and didn't like the ride too much, some1 told me the A4's and mainly the A3's were based on VW golfs or pissat. I hated the handling of the VW's

I like the look of the A4 and I am hoping the 1.8 Turbo has good performance. I am yet to test drive one, but I was hoping for some feedback before I go to the dealer.

Obviously this forum will be biast towards the A4 ;) hehehe but I would like to hear from owners and their experiences.

I posted a similar question on another popular car forum, which is predominently a Renault and Peugeot forum, but the members there also chat a lot about German cars, and they all felt the A4 was a boring ride, I tend to disagree.

Who can shed some light on why the A4 is not boring and what it's like as a rivers car...?

thanks :)

-Nath B)
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