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I have a 1996 1.8 T Sport which has never let me down once. I got it 13000 miles and Ive just passed 85000 miles 5 years later.
The car has been an absolute joy to drive and own.
I did have to replace the turbo last year but that mainly down to a manufacturing fault with cooling, Turbo Technics did excellent job there.
Now that Ive done 85k Ive recently replaced all brake discs/pads, cambelt, tyres, ignition module, service and various small jobs for £1200 which should keep me going for another 80k.
The car drives like new again and is very good on juice so I have delayed purchasing a new Audi 2.5 TDi Quattro so I can enjoy this A4 1.8T for a little bit longer.
I get approx 32mpg and here are the prices Ive just paid to a garage I trust explicitly with my beloved A4:

2 front brake discs £78
front brake pads £32
2 rear discs £60
rear brake pads £22 all fitted for £45

2 front wheel bearings £110, fitted for £51.70
Turbo supplied and fitted £680
Servicing between £80 and £120.

I originally took it to Audi for servicing for the prices are ridiculous, luckily I found a superb garage who check over the whole car and run diagnostics as part of the service.

Hope you find this info and useful, feel free to email me for more info.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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