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1995 A4 Replacement Exhaust , " Cat Back "

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after 10 years my A4 2.6 SE exhaust finally required replacing .
When phoning around I was asking for a stainless steel cat back system
but am unsure if this is what I have been supplied.

Since fitting the " Y " piece after the 2 cats has sprung a leak.

Anyone know if this should have been replaced as part of the cat back
system or is it part of the cats ?

many thanks

alan c
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further update,

just looked at the new exhaust.

looks like i have been supplied only half the system
( I may be wrong ).

depends on where the cat . or cats are.

the new section starts half way under the car behind a box section.

is this the cat ? I thought my car had 2 cats before the " y " section
near the engine, but I could be wrong .

any ideas ?? thanks alan c
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a cat-bac system is the whole exhaust running from u'r headers to u'r exhaust tips.
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