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About 13 yrs ago when I bought the car it was on its way to the scrap. 3 garages did not find the fault. It took me 7 months to find the fault.
At that time the car could be started but it did not always start - it could be bump started. The consul lights could come on and then go off or stay on and then go out on turning over the engine. The fault was a broken solder joint on the lower contact arm of the solenoid contacts.
Over the last several days the car has started and not started. Now when it does not start it seems to stay in the none start mood. It has for a number of years been prone to me touching the throttle pedal before attempting to start = touch pedal = no start. Solution was to wait and try a bit later which usually = a start.
Yesterday and a few days ago it did not start I was lucky it was at the house or could roll down hill for a bump start. So out with the engine control relay and found the PCB was wobbly the 5 solder joints along the bottom were cracked and as were two more higher up. The relay number 30 is well protected. It seems it is vibration and the way the solenoid is made that causes the cracks.


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