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Hi I am a newbie here but i have had this Audi 100 E for about 3 years and generally there has been no mechanical problems of note.

Recently I was having problems starting the car and through my normal mechanic discovered that the ignition barrel needed replacing. Unfortunately it is only possible to fit this with an Audi specific tool. I ordered the part and yesterday my local dealer fitted the part. The labour was €85 per hour and they say it was 3.5 hours work (hmmm that seemed a lot to me)... the total cost to me was €432. I knew previously this was approx the cost and had considered scrapping the car and getting something a bit newer. But i stuck with the audi which i like so much.

Anyway I picked up the car and as i was driving it home i noticed it occassionally racing and also misfiring a bit. I decideed to leave the car overnight and see how it behaved this morning....

Unfortunately when i went to start the car this morning, it will not fire up. The engine turns over fine (ignition barrel seems to be 100%) but there is no sign of the car firing up.

I rang the dealer and they are completely washing their hands of the problem saying that they made no adjustments to the car apart from changing the ignition barrell and testing the oil pressure (which i had requested). I had not had this problem with this car in three years and I find it very suspicious that it should occur immediately after this work was performed. I am furious with these people who i have just given 432 Euro.

Someone suggested it might be the new key causing some coding errors, but i am not convinced of that.

Are there any audi experts out there who can shed some light as to why this problem might occur...????

Please help....
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