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My Audi 80 2.0E 1993 Model Automatic gear car start early morning time and makes problems after that.I face problems with mechanics and they unable to trace the correct mistake.Please some one help to give some guidence to ask the mecaniq check few parts like plug wire,starting relay so on.The fuel pump and water pump also related to starting the engine?Now when i try to start battery ok and clicking the relay sount also can hear?Another question when we start the engine if we keep the switch same position the dynamo sparking sound we can hear.Now any time try to start the same type sparking sound can hear?Is it because of ignation switch?For audi 80 2.0E i did not find any mechanic who can identify the fault immediate.
hope some one help me to identify the parts and ask the mecanique to replace it.Please advice fuse box required to check or not.
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