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I've got a red 1991 Audi Coupe Quattro for sale with 125XXX miles. She's got a 2.3L 164hp 5cyl DOHC 20 valve engine with a 5 speed manual transmission and with audi's fantastic full time all-wheel drive Quattro system. She also has a sunroof, locking rear differential, and a carbon fiber center driveshaft. I also have a rack for the top that's all yours. I am located near Seattle, WA. Price is negotiable.

The Good: [/B
]The car hasn't been driven much in the last 6 months. It had some transmission problems. So I took it to the shop, and just got it back with the transmission running again. She runs great.
In the last 6 months I replaced the sparkplugs, cap, rotor, plugs, distributor, both knock sensors, brakes and rotors, and it has a KN air filter.
The leather is in good condition, I'd give it a 9/10. Im going to go and get her detailed later this week. Electric seats still work great.

The Bad:
Was parked in a parking lot and someone backed into the side of the front bumper. So it's going to need a new bumper. Looked online and I found a few used ones for 250-400 bucks.
It needs a new driver's side window regulator. (Doesn't roll down).
The passenger side headlight has some condensation in it.
The fog lights on the car are cracked so she'll need some new ones.

The car runs great, motor runs strong, uses full synthetic oil, changed it personally every 3000 miles. She's been a great car, bought a new one so she's just been sitting in my garage. I also have the repair manual for the car.



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