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Just picked up a 1991 200 Avant. Was hoping to get a 92 S4 or 96 S6 but considering this beautiful spaceship of a wagon has the same heart, I think I can call it a draw.

Couple of Questions:

The car stalls when coming to a stop or letting the revs fall when shifting to neutral. Its very intermittent but can get annoying having to turn the ignition to start the car again while in motion or dropping the transmission into 2nd and let the car turn back over. Not sure what it is but having had this problem with various other cars, sounds like it could be a throttle position sensor or idle control valve. What do you think?

If you drive the car like you are trying to ditch the cops, the clutch will slip and bounce around in 2nd and 3rd at about 4K RPM and above until you **** to a higher gear. The mechanic says its the fly wheel and that he can no longer get one anywhere. He said that I can get an upgraded aluminum race clutch. Any suggestions for a fly wheel out there in the universe?


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