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I am planning on purchasing a 1988 Audi 80 Quattro. I am wondering/wanting to verify a couple of things about it:

-This car has the 130hp 2.3L I5, correct?
-How much torque does this motor have?
-The motor is SOHC 10v, right?
-The chassis is considered a B3?
-Heres the biggie: How do these cars do in smog (often fail, pass, etc)?

As to the reliability of this car:

-In general how many miles are these motors good for?
-I am looking at one with 270,000 miles and a blown HG. Is a blown HG a common failure? Or is that simply due to the bajillion miles this car has?
-What are some of the weak points reliability wise for this model? (As in what is going to break)
-Are parts readily available?

As to the performance:

-Is there any sort of aftermarket for this car? If so please link me.
-How stout is the 5 speed manual in this car?

Thank you very much. As you can see I am new, so if I reposted anything, forgive me.
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