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I've always appreciated the information I've gotten from this site and enjoyed my Audi for many years. Life causing inability to keep up on "extra" vehicle and I've got this pearl-white Audi 5000 CS Quattro Turbo wagon sitting in my driveway deteriorating.

The bad;
- headliner
- rear shocks
- electical= troubled (power windows work intermittently, heated seats not working, brake warning light remains on)
- May have battery trouble now as it is not starting and with flat rear tires haven't bothered moving it out of the driveway to jump it. (tires in need of repair/replace all around)
- Has ding in left rear quarter panel
- interior very rough overall, but could clean up really well.
- rear drums need help and are dragging at last check.
- *WARNING, interested party would be well to have a way of moving vehicle if long distance.

The good;
- front headlights and rear taillights/turn signals all work when last checked.
- no overheating, new radiator, new front shocks.
- 150,000 miles approx, but no leaks and engine ran strong at last check.
- ? pulls 1.0 boost on turbo
- in spite of rear left quarter panel damage, exterior/paint/body in surprisingly decent condition.

Asking $500.00 OBO. email for pics/questions and I'd be happy to respond. This would make an incredible deal for one with a few bucks and a lot of time!

I'm posting in this forum for enthusiasts in the hope of quick sell. I'm in Omaha, Nebraska. Thanx for taking the time to read this lengthy post. ;)
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