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1986 Audi Gt

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I can only start the car using starting fluid and once it is started it has to idle for about 5 to 10 minuets before it has full power where I can give it gas. For maybe an hour or two I can restart the car with out starting fluid, but soon after it will not start again. Can anybody help me? Laos when on the highway the temp. gauge goes down towards the cold side and looses comprssion there, but if I sit and let it idle the compression comes back when the temp. goes back to normal/ half mark. The car runs fine again then.
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There are only a couple things that can be affecting that car. The older coupes have a cold start injector on the intake manifold, could cause cold start issue. Sounds more like a fuel pressure issue though. The old mechanical fuel injection system is under high pressure and if there is not enough pressure (bad pump or pressure regulator) it will starve for fuel.
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