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1995 A6 power seat problem

1995 Audi A6 fwd, 2.8liter
power seats with heat and driver memory.
A couple weeks ago we had heavy rains for several days, and the GF tells me the floor is wet... I Shop-Vac'ed a lot of water out and then ran a big fan for several days to dry out the floor.
I think the sunroof was not closed - and the drains are clear, as is the one under the heater plenum. When we got the car, tons of scrubbing and many gallons of water and high pressure, we never got a drop inside.


Driver seat wont drive, by memory or with the switch.
I found two bolts at the front that let me tip the sat back to access the connectors and the memory module.
I cannot move the seat so that I could drive it if I needed to. The GF usually drives it.

The circuit breakers are good, power gets past the memory buttons and the manual switch and through the power relay and gets too the yellow and red connectors on the module but once connected, its a no go, tap a test point and move the switch as instructed...
Following the Bentley troubleshooting, it seems my module has died.
this is the last small section, I'm not going to try and copy more:

Repeat procedure on connector -C-, terminals 2, 4, and operate seat switch in following sequence: Backrest forward (green connector, terminal 2) Backrest backward (green connector, terminal 4) Must all read approximately 12 volts
One or more specified values NOT OK Specified values OK

Replace seat memory control module

While I haven't found many failures, I have read of a few, but fewer results or details on where a part was obtained. Most of the posts are related to HOW to get the seat out or moved to do any trouble shooting.

I got a used module from ebay, supposedly working.But it behaves the same way.
Nothing happens when the switch is tried, but when a programed memory button is pressed, the power relay is energized.
In the original module, 3 buttons are programed. In the replacement module, only button #2 is programed.

I'd be happy with bypassing the memory module for manual power if anyone has hints on how to go about that.
Still can't get the seat out since I can't move it.

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