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1.8t 225 Life Expectancy

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I know that the 1.8 Turbo has been around a while and is considered the workhorse of Volkswagen and Audi vehicles. Does anyone have an idea of the approximate life expectancy in kilometres of a well maintained aggressively driven, but not abused 1.8 Turbo before any major work is needed?
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You are pretty much correct George, the basic 1.8 engine is multi-platform and
was given the turbo mod for the TT. VW & Audi have an enviable reputation for reliability but I dont know of any kind of formal survey that has been done. I dont see why a good engine should not go on for a good few hundred thousand km's before needing major overhaul. Not too familiar with turbos though and couldn't say if they are higher maintenance (I have a suspicion about this though).
Sadly I have not had too much of that general reliability with my car and if you read the recent threads (here & here) you will get an idea of what has gone wrong . My car has a FSH with the local dealer from the word go and is only approaching 60 000km. I have also just put in a new flywheel and clutch plate assembly (I suspect the previous owner was a little rude to the gearbox).
Apart from a few other small (not engine related) issues, I love my car and got no intention of letting it go so easily. It is a great car to drive, good fun and a solid build, to say nothing about the distinctive styling. I am still a major fan and a somewhat aggressive driver!
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Hi I am a newbie here and this is my first post.


I noticed that you said you replaced the clutch after 60,000 km. I was bothered at having to replace mine at 75,000 miles and I drive quite aggressively. I also had to replace the flywheel probably because of the delay between having the fault diagnosed and getting it in for replacement.

I have had a few other probs, like replacing a roll bar bush, but all in all I think the TT (mines a 180) is by far the best car around in its class

Hey Brian, welcome to Audi-forums, good to have you on board. After only about 4 months, we got a good growing membership.
Yeah, was a little disturbed about the gearbox problem but the local drivers are more used to auto-shift than manual and I figure he didnt repect the gearbox much. Alot of the Arabs out here fancy themselves as racers which doesnt help either. Interesting though to find that you have also had a similar change at what I would consider a low mileage. I dont see why the TT should not be driven aggressively, so long as the driver respects the car.
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