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A few weeks ago, was driving along in town when all of a sudden the car came to a lurching stop- as if I had suddenly pulled my emergency brake. I could still inch forward and it got worse. Weird grindy sound. Checked brakes and E-brake cable and all were fine. I tried going in reverse for a few feet, and this freed things up, and I was able to get home. It's happened one more time since. Took to shop. My (new to me) mechanic lifted it and said that it must be the (Haldex) diff assembly because he was able to turn the rear wheels by hand. He said that since this car is AWD, the rear wheels should not turn since they're supposedly engaged with the front wheels. So I'm about to order a new Haldex assembly but wanted to be sure before I drop $1000....that the procedure he did says my Haldex- which was serviced less than 10K miles ago is the problem. Any ideas anyone? Did I destroy my Haldex differential assembly? Or can it lock up just because it needs new fluids etc...Thanks!
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