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02 Audi A4 Suspension Noise

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Can anyone offer any suggestions or answers?

Several times I have visited the dealer with the complaint that when travelling over sharp bumps there is a squeeking noise. Sounds like a momentary brake squeek. (high pitched)
I have gotten two different solutions to the problem from the dealer but none of them have seemed to eradicate the problem on a permanent basis.
One thing they like to do is lubricate the suspension points??? They will not tell me what part of the suspension is being lubricated, but it seems to solve the problem
for a few weeks. The other problem they have found is cracked brake pads up front. Again this seems to alleviate the lasts a bit longer (3-4k miles)..... Any thoughts here?
Also, my friend has an 03 Jetta and it makes the same noise!!

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I have a 2005 A4 and I have the same problem. When I go over severe bumps I have a high pitched squeek from it sounds like my rear passenger side suspension. It only occurs on severe bumps not on small ones.
I have experienced the same problem. I have spoken to my brother who works for Audi and he reckons it the bushes on the suspension arm linkages. The only problem is the bushes cannot be replaced alone, you have to purchase the suspension arm linkage.
There was a recall on my previous A4 (1998) to replace a similar setup, but I've been informed the problem is not as widespread on the B6.

I'm waiting for him to get back from holiday to get mine checked out...hopefully it isn't as costly as it sounds! :mad:
If its from the rear it could be the anti roll bar bushes.
There is a known problem with the bushes dislodging and splitting.
I got mine changed under warranty, new antiroll bar and bushes
As far as I know Audi havnt issued a recall
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