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  1. Audi A3, RS3 and S3 Forum
    Hi all, This seems to only happen when the car is decently warmed up, e.g. it was not happening leaving my friends house but 50 minutes of driving later I was just tapping the throttle in N while parked in my driveway and could notice this rattle (see video). i tap the throttle to around...
  2. Audi 80, 90 & Coupe Forum
    Good morning, Does anyone have any tips for freeing up a stuck distributor? Wanting to adjust my timing but the distributor is stuck solid. After 27 years I understand that the seal can deteriorate and stick the distributor solid. I have removed the retaining bracket, liberally coated with a...
  3. New Members Introduction
    Hi I need help, please. I have an audi A1 2010 automatic car and I am having the following issues: 1st: when the start stop is on it is struggling to re-start the car once it stopped and sometimes it can't even restart it. Unfortunately this issue also comes up time to time when I am starting...
1-3 of 3 Results