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  1. Audi A6, RS6, S6 and 100 Forum
    Hello, I have a 2000 Audi A6 2.7t Quattro, the epc light came on about a week ago and lost all throttle input. A couple days ago I replaced the main throttle body, and today I just installed the new throttle pedal position sensor and code still remains after erasing code and still no throttle...
  2. Audi A6, RS6, S6 and 100 Forum
    Hi I have a Audi A6 and was supposed to come with keyless entry but does not work can someone please help me how to turn it on? also the central locking I used to press the key one and opened to driver side and then had to press the key again to open the passenger side but now pressing the...
  3. Audi A6, RS6, S6 and 100 Forum
    Hi I need some help with an Audi A6 without Quattro an Audi A6 with winter tyres and 2WD is that just as good as an Audi with Quattro? I have looked at one and the Quattro ones are very expensive so I thought about a 2WD with winter tyres your advice would be very much appreciated thanks
  4. C6 Forum
    Hello i have 2005 audi a6 quattro seems my base is fading in and out if i slam door it may come back on? Can it be loose wire or sticky residue? Do i need to change mmi board? All buttons light up radios work fine just the bass fades out any help?
1-4 of 4 Results